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Stories 1996 onwards.

The Ted Stories.

The oral tradition is still alive and well in Erin in strange nooks and hidden crannies, not to say that is where I met the Ted. He is however one of those wonderfully alive and idiosyncratic entities that sometimes bless this world causing a little well unintentional mayhem on the way. So what can I say of my beloved friend, he is a gifted storyteller, a lover of biodiversity who has spent most of his life trying to wake people up the wonders of the natural realm and its custodianship, a true devotee. These of some of The Ted’s adventures. Unbelievable as they may seem I can assure the reader that they are all based on true stories. Of course the names of certain characters have been changed but if anyone upon reading these stories believes they have been included in the stories, I can only say, the stereotypes have worked.

Other Stories


The other stories included on the site are both yoga related stories. The first, The Senior-Senior Club was initially drafted in 2006 while in Pune, inspired by a conversation with my dear friend Jayne Orton. Pure of Heart was written in 2011 for B.K.S Iyengar and accompanied a letter that I sent to him.

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