Laurence O'Toole

Words · Play & Report


Play and Report. 1991

Safe in Hand was written at the end of my art course and performed in St Paul’s Hall in the summer of 1991 by the St Paul’s theatre Group. It is a satire of the then government of the Blessed Margaret and her vision of privatizing all and sundry. Safe in Hand addressed the threats to the national health service by unbridled corporate greed.

At Easter a few months earlier during my final year of the art course I had been horrified during the preceding years by the growing number of homeless people on the streets. I therefore decided on Easter weekend to go to London and research this phenomena. The report I wrote made for sad reading and copies were sent to the then minister of housing, to Prince Charles and to the sociologist Peter Townsend. Sadly I do not have a copy of document only the original print Never had it so Good! that was used on the front of the report. I may one day write an account of the events surrounding the events of gathering the information for this report and my adventure of sleeping out in London that Easter.

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