Laurence O'Toole

Objects & Paintings

Figurative and Other Work  —  1983-88


Learning How to Draw a Human.

Some artists are born with a talent to draw from life with an incredible accuracy, others to draw and create with finesse beyond their years. I had no such talent. Any talent that I possessed was based in technical drawing, symmetry and perspective, not in life drawing. This is something I had to learn and has been an on going process. In the beginning I did produce lots of what I can only describe as mediocre attempts at the human form, thankfully it did improve somewhat with practice. My first portrait was of my younger daughter, Jessica (1983). In 1985 to improve my skill further I enrolled in portrait and life drawing classes at a local art centre. Having a model that stayed still, unlike the children I found very helpful.

Eclectic Diversity.

When looking back to this period in the development of my artistry I appreciate the eclectic nature of the work; landscapes and nature work, the Indian Experience series, the figurative work, the symbolic, all mirrored to an extent the many interests and diversity of my life. I enjoyed experimenting and trying out different forms of expression, in different styles and mediums. It was a journey of discovery that was to form a good foundation for the step I took in 1988 when I applied to undertake a degree course in Fine Art on the strength of the work that I had completed up to that juncture. I was accepted by Wolverhampton Polytechnic.


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